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What is Search 2.0?

In this video, CEO John Tredennick provides an introduction to the next generation of search, which we call Search 2.0. 

What is Search 2.0? In simple terms, it is the seamless integration of keyword and algorithmic search in a single platform. 

What is algorithmic search? It is the use of a smart algorithm like Sherlock® to help find relevant documents. Think of Sherlock as Pandora for finding great documents (rather than great music).  

When you integrate keyword and algorithmic search, magical things happen. First, you no longer need to master complex search syntax–Sherlock will do that work for you. Second, you have a wider range of tools to comprehend search results. From our unique Snippet View through our unique Cluster Batching algorithms, you can now review documents far more efficiently than ever before. 

This is simply the first major change to search and review since the dawn of the digital age. 

Watch as we show you a better way to find information in large document collections. Watch as we integrate powerful keyword search with Sherlock’s algorithmic search capabilities. 

You will never go back to keywords alone again. 

John Tredennick is the founder and CEO of Merlin Search Technologies,
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