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See Merlin in the news and learn about cutting-edge developments in cloud computing, generative AI and more.

Latest News and Insights

Interested in the latest trends in cloud computing, green discovery, Cloud Utility Pricing and generative AI? Read our news and insights.
Merlin Search Technologies Appoints Ediscovery Industry Veteran Jim Bocchino as Chief Revenue Officer

Merlin Search Technologies announced the appointment of Jim Bocchino as Chief Revenue Officer. Bocchino will…

Meet with Merlin Search Technologies at Legalweek

Meet with Team Merlin at Legalweek, January 29-February 1, 2024, and we'll show you how…

Merlin Releases DiscoveryPartner, the First AI-Powered GPT and Multi-LLM Ediscovery and Investigations Platform

DiscoveryPartner offers a revolutionary way to find, review and analyze documents for investigations, ediscovery and…

ABA Legal Rebel John Tredennick speaks about How GPT and Other Large Language Models are Changing Ediscovery​ – Podcast

Podcast: Tredennick shares insights on ABA Journal's Legal Rebels podcast on how GPT and other…

Using GPT and Claude to Investigate TREC Topics Florida’s Summer 2012 Olympics Bid

Our newest article puts B2, Claude and GPT to work on a TREC topic.

Tredennick Joins Distinguished Panel of Judges and Law Professors to Talk to Judges about GPT’s Future

Tredennick Joins Distinguished Panel of Judges and Law Professors to Talk to Judges about GPT's…

The Future of Large Language Models—Law.MIT Podcast

John Tredennick discusses the future of Large Language Models like GPT.

Merlin Announces Two New Partnerships

Merlin recently announced partnerships with Legality | Labs and Trace Forensic Experts.

Merlin Releases First Cloud Utility Pricing Program for Ediscovery Hosting

Cloud Utility Pricing allows clients to take control of hosting costs by turning their sites…

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