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Cloud Utility Pricing

Reduce hosting fees while going green.

Save with On/Off Hosting Fees

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Control site operating hours, curb your costs.

Take control of your site’s operating hours.

Turn Sites On and Off

Turn off your site when you’ve finished work. Turn it back on in minutes. Run it for as long as you need.

Set Operating Hours

Schedule operating hours to match your team’s work schedule, saving on evenings, weekends and holidays.

Use the Site Energy Saver

DiscoveryPartner’s unique Site Energy Saver automatically turns off sites when not in use–like your lights.

When you have 30, even 50 investigations all at different stages of life, those are massive costs. Legal and compliance departments are viewed as cost centers, and we need to be doing what we can to lower costs. Cloud Utility Pricing makes sense.

Save and go green!

We are witnessing the dawn of a new era for ediscovery applications. For the first time, clients can use the cloud the way it was meant to be used and realize cost savings through Cloud Utility Pricing.

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